Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Man quilt

The man quilt a.k.a. shirt quilt is finished. I thought the top was finished a while ago but the man a.k.a the much beloved a.k.a. the husband thought it wasn't wide enough. I dutifully added a border of lots of little squares. It still wasn't wide enough. I luckily found some nice checked fabric to make another border.

The man quilt is meant to be thrifty but if I am honest it isn't. The idea was to use old shirts that had had their live as a useful shirt and were now too old to wear without people offering to show you to the nearest Salvation army hostel. So far so thrifty. Turns out if you take say seven shirts out of your husband's collection he notices. I have had to replace the shirts, which is probably dearer than buying the fabric for  a quilt. We are both happy with the results though. Husband still has his beloved shirts albeit in a different form and I have a husband who doesn't walk around in raggedy shirts. I call that win win.

1 comment:

  1. That's a lovely quilt!

    My mother has been snatching worn-out ties from my father for about 30 years now, for an eventual quilt, and he's hardly ever protested. I think the key is to do it very, very gradually.