Monday, 7 May 2012

Finished coin purses

 I finished a load of coin purses. They measure 5.5 inch by 3.5 inch when finished. Well, there abouts. Some are slightly smaller because that was the size scrap I had left over. Most have been re-homed to my mother's house.
 She liked the nautical ones. All of the above are with her.
 She was less keen on these. In fact she only took the all black one and the one with the Russian dolls.
And Daughter 2 claimed the pink one of these.

Now I have learned some things while making these:
1) Do NOT forget to leave the zip part open before sewing up the sides. A slightly silly mistake that will make it difficult to turn the purse right way out.

2) Do NOT open the zip too far. This can either lead to the zip head being stuck under the needle (not good this will break the needle of your sewing machine) or the if you are using a zip that is slightly too long and you trim up later the zip can end up stuck on the wrong side of your stitching.

I should probably mention that I got the idea for the purses from Noodlehead's tutorial.

I need to finish sewing binding on the red brick quilt. I hope to have a sunny day (well dry at least) day this week to be able to the some pictures.

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