Thursday, 15 December 2011


 I am making Simplicity dress 2828 for the daughters. I have made this dress in various sizes before. They are both size eight now, so I have decided to cut the pattern pieces out. I normally trace the size I want to make the most out of each pattern.

I sometimes do things differently to the pattern instructions. Friend A. was surprised when she came round for tea and sewing and saw me do something she would never dream of doing.
Sew lining to front along arms and neck
 I sew the shoulders of dress and lining leave the side seams open and then sew the ling and dress together, right sides facing.
 I then turn them inside out.
 The way I put zips in is also strange or so A. tells me. I leave the side seams open and sew the back seam closed. 
 Pin one side of the zip along the back seam.
 Zip it shut and pin, then I tack it in.
Then just open up the stitching in the lining, this makes sewing the zip in easier. Use the zip foot and sew it in. Don't forget to make sure you have enough thread on your bobbin - not that I am speaking from experience...

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