Tuesday, 26 March 2013

SomeTuesday Finishes

I finished all of Friday's things. I haven't bothered to take pictures of the skirt partly because the daughter has worn it and spilled her dinner on it and also it literally was just making the waist elastic to size.

Easter placemats are waiting to feature in an Easter post, so I will show you the finished pram blanket. The third fabric from the top is genuine 70's. I think that makes it vintage.

Is it up-cycling when you use something that was used before for something else? Well the back is a blanket I used for my daughters, so I guess it is probably recycling as it purpose hasn't really changed.  

I also made some bibs. Yes, they all need a fastener at the back that will happen. 
I am going to be selling my wares at a local sale on 28 April. It is being organised by a local children's group and they want products aimed at children and babies. Hence the little blankets and the bibs. No more babies for me. Well unless the small black dog has puppies... That would be great. 


  1. Those bibs are really cute, they should sell well. And your zig-zag is very lovely. Good luck with your sale.