Monday, 23 April 2012

Flower garden.

 I have quilted and bound my youngest daughter's flower garden quilt. The fabrics are mostly Emma's flowers. My daughter thinks this is great, as her middle name is Emma. She clearly made the right choices.
 As you can see we are struggling a little with photographing. It's raining and not just a little bit. The chief quilt holder upper is away today, so no help there. 
 One pleased little girl who told me tonight as I tucked her in that a matching pillow case might be nice. Oh and a cushion. We'll see.
The small black puppy (how long are you allowed to call them puppies?) likes the quilt too. Even if sleeping on sofas is not strictly speaking allowed.

I used Stiched in color's colour brick tutorial for the design, it's 2.1m by 1.45m wide.

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