Thursday, 5 April 2012

Coin purse

Red purse. Matches the red nail varnish
 The daughters liked my pencil case but that is mine. I am however a soft touch and they look at me with their big blue eyes and I like making thinks. They have got coin purses. Ideal for tuck money
Youngest with her funky purse.
 I used noodlehead's tutorial. I changed it a little as the girls wanted slightly smaller purses. The final purse is 3" by 5.5".
inspecting the name label. Thank goodness it is the right name.
 Daughter 2 likes the spotty lining. I stitched their names in, to prevent loss at school.
Made by label
I had some labels printed by Mommie made it. I think they turned out really well. My eldest likes the labels because if I make little purses for her friends they won't be able to claim their mummy made it.

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