Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Not going to plan

I hate it when things don't work out as I want.

I had promised the daughters brickwork quilts too (remember the stash of fabrics they bought with grandparents?). Anyway I sewed the sashing on the wrong side for Daughter 1's quilt. After throwing my toys out the pram and stomping my feet for a bit- well that is what the girls do, so I thought I would try it- I decided it wasn't that bad. Of the 65 blocks only 9 have a directional print.

Red brickwork with mortar coloured sashing
To make myself feel better about having to unpick I got on with daughter 2's flower garden instead.
    I like the brickwork quilt because it is so quick to make. However once I have finished these two that will be five the same quilts in a row. I might wait a while before I make another one.     
Chain stitched pieces for flowery brickwork

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