Monday, 23 January 2012

Finished the pink sampler quilt

 My pink sampler quilt is finished. It is less pink than I feared. Most of the fabrics are leftover from dress making.
 The shoo fly block and darting birds are all dresses and blouses I wore when I was at Uni. So they are 15 years old - OK I lied 20 years old this September. How did I get so old?
 The pink check and the white stripe material are left over from sheets. I used to love pink almost as much as my daughter. I used the check and stripe for the binding. Never again am I going to hand sew with that fabric. It is so densely woven. My mother tells me the fabric is percale. 
The back is from Ikea's Rosalie range. I used Mettler thread to quilt it. The quilt is 2m long and 1.35m wide.

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