Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Bright colour brick quilt top

 Well the quilt top is done. It has been for a couple of weeks but I haven't been able to get a good picture. I followed Stitched in color's tutorial. I like that is was easy to follow with good pictures. I liked using it for these fabrics as they have such large designs.
 Even now it isn't brilliant. Grey sky is the standard for this time of year. Also trying to hang the whole top would have meant possibly dangling it in the mud.
As it was the little black puppy tried to catch it every time the wind took it. She is so helpful.
The fabrics were all bought at Lady sew and sew. Lovely helpful staff. The border is Andover fabrics from about 4 years ago. It's left over from one of Daughter's dresses. I am off to work on nephew's quilt top now. Pictures hopefully tomorrow.

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  1. It's so tricky photographing quilts, isn't it? Especially by yourself! Thanks for the note. I'm so glad the tutorial was a help =)