Wednesday, 30 November 2011


I found that the daughter's have grown again. They had promised me to stay small and cute forever but I guess nature took over. I will have to settle for tall and leggy I guess. Photogenic would be nice or maybe the photographer is just rubbish (that would be me).
The skirts are made from a McCalls pattern. As you can see they are very wide aka swirly. This is a good thing if you are the daughters if you are the mother not so as she has to hem and iron. The red and blue skirt is made from fabric my mother bought in the 1980's when we lived in southern Germany. It was meant for a dirndl dress with apron. The more purple one is a fabric by Peter Pan fabrics (that's what it said on the self edge). If the daughter stands still long enough you can see that there are little animals hiding among the flowers.

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