Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Work in progress up date

The daughters are back at school today. I should have been editing journals but I decided to do some dress making. This simplicity pattern 2320. It is not as easy as it looks. It might be because I sew in metric rather than inches and the pattern is made in the US therefore in inches. I love the result so far and the daughter is pleased too.

These are some 9 inch squares I have been working on. It was going to be a quilt for the youngest Australian cousin but now I am not so sure. I like it a lot myself even if it is very pink.

Also I am not sure how to get the quilt to Australia. Daughter 2 did suggest having the quilt finished before my brother and his children come to visit. "Then all A. needs to do is open her suitcase put the quilt in and then her clothes. Close the suitcase and hey presto. Or if that doesn't work get a carrier bag." Simple really I wish I were seven; I wouldn't need to worry about luggage allowance and boring practical thing then.

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