Thursday, 22 September 2011

Finished Baby boy blue

I am pleased to say that I finished it before J's birthday. I did all right at not buying new fabrics for it. The only fabric I bought specifically for this quilt is the dark blue with the toys and dogs and things. The frames around the squares are an old shirt of husband's (thank you darling for helping out with providing the right colour blue) The sashing is material my mother bought for pajamas for my brother and father - yes she did used to make the PJ as well in the 70's. The other fabrics are dress fabrics from either the girls or myself.
The back is Ikea fabler fabric. It was on sale last time I was at Ikea for £1.00 a metre. I decided that 8 metres should do for a little while any way. Just need to make the quilt label and it's ready to go.


  1. Great quilt!
    I have seen the backing fabric on another blog but I didn't realise it was from Ikea - is it an old one?? I'd love to find some!

  2. I don't think they do the fabric anymore, at least I couldn't find it online. They still do duvet covers with it on. Or at least similar the characters are in cars on the duvet covers.