Friday, 6 June 2014

Picnic Quilt

 Next week is sports day. This is as far as I am concerned my least favourite day of the school year. Carol concerts -  great, Easter service -  fab and of course the summer fete - a must (if only to see if Midsomer Murders is right and all fetes end in disaster). Sports day not so. You stand around and are not allowed to cheer on your child (well that was the case at the previous school - we don't want to encourage competitive behaviour).
 No standing for me this year. I am bringing a picnic quilt with water proof back. Lots of scraps were used (this makes the husband happy). The binding has insects on it. I thought this would be great for a picnic quilt. There are always insects (wasps) at a picnic.

The waterproof back is from Abakhan fabrics. This was bought for this quilt but here in the UK the ground is hardly ever dry enough to get a way without the waterproof-ness.

Now to make myself a dress. Have a good weekend.

Edit: Forgot say I am linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts Friday Finish.


  1. How smart to put a water proof back on it...

  2. Yes, primary sports day was always my least favourite. We are not allowed to secondary sports day, gawd knows why not I assume because of the thousands of parents who will attend (!!) which is a great relief. I love your quilt :)