Saturday, 22 February 2014

Nine patch made by a nine year old.

 This morning my nine year old daughter finished her last nine patch block and decided on her final layout.
By lunch she had sewn the blocks into rows and then the rows into the quilt top. She was helped by me with pining but she did all the sewing herself. She did find it quite tricky to girl handle the quilt top through the sewing machine without impaling herself on the pins. However she persevered and managed.

It's 1.22m by 1.53m, so taller than her. She would like it a little larger, so we are going to add borders. A lovely polka dot has been chosen; not from the stash but dear husband said it was outside my self imposed fabric buying ban. Love that he was enabling my fabric habit.

I am not sure if Daughter will be cutting the border, she is fine with scissors not sure I trust with the rotary cutter yet. The aim is to get it finished before Monday and maybe show the needlecraft teacher. She hasn't decided on that yet. Maybe it needs to be quilted first.


  1. I know she must have a wonderful sense of accomplishment, great job....I know this makes you happy too..

  2. I am SO impressed!!!! Nine years old?! whoot whoot!!