Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Finally found my sewing machine

 I finally managed to get some sewing done. Who would have thought that school can be that busy? Daughter 1 now has a new PE bag. Bit late for this year but all ready to go for next school year.
 I was lucky and got the last bit of cord in this colour. I did think black would be more chic but at 9 chic is not important.
 I also made these little 6 inch star blocks. They are so small and cute.
 I photographed it with this coin for size comparison.
Daughter 1 (off sick today) thought that the coin was not that useful, only British people will know what size a 10 pence coin is. I conceded that this is a fair point. The i-phone was chosen as an internationally recognised standard instead. Hope to have more little stars soon. 

I want to keep the sewing momentum up and get as much done as possible before both daughters break up for the holidays. I like having them home but never get much done with them around.

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