Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Kaleidoscope baby quilt (top)

 Last week my youngest daughter was ill. Nothing too bad but bad enough to be of school. Also my internet was down. I found 12 pre cut 9.5 inch pieces of paper. I have been meaning to have a go at a String quilt for ages, hence the pre cut paper.  
Daughter and I chose the colours and I then made it. Two day from start to finish. You have got to love baby quilts. The triangle border is made using my new AccuQuilt (it came with a die for 2.5 inch squares, 2.5 inch half squares and 4.5 inch square.)

I posted the same picture on Facebook and one of my friends said it reminded her of Kaleidoscope, so now it's called "kaleidoscope quilt". I think I have read somewhere else that someone called their string quilt a kaleidoscope quilt. I can't remember where though. Sorry for plagiarism, if I have used an existing name.

Now I just have to get some wadding. I have a large enough piece of "scrap" to use as the back. Technically I have enough wadding as well but it's 100% cotton and I thought that might not be 100% child friendly.

Project reduce scrap mountain  has officially started :-)

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