Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Cushion cover

I have decided to do something about my guilty conscience. I have decided to turn some (or all) of my orphan patchwork blocks into cushion covers.

This is my first attempt. The colours are really not me. However they are SO seven year old daughter. Thank you Zipit for having the right colour zips. They came in a week all the way from the US.

Please don't judge me too harshly on how I inserted the zip. I think I need to find a good tutorial on how to insert zips into cushions. It turns out that you can't really do the same thing as you do for dresses. Ooops.

Also I think I may need to pad out the cushion a bit with some left over wadding. We'll see what the daughter thinks of it.

On a happy note I have posted the quilts to the Aussie cousins. The cost was bearable. In fact if I hadn't chosen the signed for option it would have been quite a good price.

I had better make a cushion for the eight year old daughter now. 

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